Invite Congress to Visit Your Museum

Post Meeting Report Form - Please Complete After Your Meeting or Event.

Who Participated in the meeting? [check all that apply]
Was this his/her first official visit to your museum?
Tell us about the visit [check all that apply]:
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What do you think is the key thing your Member of Congress or their staff learned about your museum?
Did you discuss any under served populations that your museum reaches or unique ways that your museum serves your community?
Did you share an Economic Impact Statement? (“Are you aware of how much museums contribute to our local economy and support local jobs?”) (what is this?)
Did you share an Educational Impact Statement? (“Are you aware of my museum’s educational programs and how we work with local school districts to teach the curriculum?”) (what is this?)
Did you discuss the importance of federal funding and any federal grants your museum has received?
Did you discuss Charitable Giving Incentives and how your museum benefits from charitable giving?
Would you like to share any other information about the visit?